Enjoy a Pain-Free Smile Again

Family Dentistry of Allen Park gives patients attentive and painless tooth extractions in Allen Park, MI. Our team will customize a dental solution when tooth pain becomes too much to bear, repairing your smile and confidence.
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Dental Care When You Need It Most

Most tooth decay or damage is prevented through ongoing treatments and routine visits to the dentist. However, you may require an emergency extraction if your tooth is extremely decayed or causing significant pain. Extractions involve numbing you with a safe and approved sedative before removing the decayed or damaged tooth from your mouth. After recovery, the chronic and disruptive severe pain you feel will disappear so you can return to living your life.
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Tooth Replacement Options After Your Extraction

Are you concerned about the empty gap left from your extracted tooth? If so, our dental office provides an exceptional selection of tooth replacements that will fill unwanted gaps and blend seamlessly with your natural teeth to restore your smile. We'll guide you through our selection and develop a customized solution based on the gap size and your comfort level. Your replacement will match your old tooth's appearance precisely, resembling its shape, color and texture.
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