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Dental Services in Allen Park, MI

Family Dentistry of Allen Park offers adults and children a trusted, comprehensive range of dental services in Allen Park, MI. Patient comfort and satisfaction is our primary goal. Our practice provides customized treatments to restore our patients' smiles and oral health.
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Specialized Dental Services for Your Smile

We comprise a welcoming, knowledgeable staff prepared to guide you through our comprehensive dental services, solutions and products. Our licensed and certified dentists and hygienists complete many services for general, cosmetic, emergency and restorative dental services to make you smile with pride again, such as:
Our Solutions
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General Dentistry

Twice-annual checkups and routine cleanings for patients.
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Cosmetic Dentistry

Spotless whitening, veneers, and Invisalign® make beautiful smiles.
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Emergency Dentistry

Urgent dental care like extractions and root canals.
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Restorative Dentistry

Replacements and restorative repairs for a confident smile.
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"A good, hard-working dentist. They're really friendly, super nice, and they're great at what they do. One of the best dentists."

- Rodrigo Z.
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Bright Smiles for Children and Adults

You deserve to feel confident and proud of your smile. Family Dentistry of Allen Park provides exceptional dental services for children and adults. Our warm, accommodating staff and family-friendly environment makes adults and children feel safe and comfortable from beginning to end. Our trusted dentists, hygienists and dental team will take care of you and your child from the moment you enter to when you leave our practice. We'll examine your oral health, develop customized treatments and solutions and provide the smile you've always wanted.
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Experienced Dentistry

Our certified and licensed dentists have spent years learning, developing their skills and fulfilling dental services successfully.

Friendly Staff

We accommodate patients with a warm, welcoming staff and a comfortable environment. We make patients feel at home.

Custom Solutions

We bring out our patients' best smiles by customizing our treatments and services, ensuring their needs are met.

Effective Treatments

Our dental treatments are safe, efficient and effective. You'll walk away with a brighter, beautiful smile after each service.

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