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Providing You a Beautiful and Spotless Smile

It's time for your twice-annual dental cleaning in Allen Park, MI. Choose Family Dentistry of Allen Park to receive a shimmering and confident smile. Individuals and families trust us for complete cleaning that rejuvenates their teeth.
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Schedule a Cleaning Twice Annually

Cleaning your teeth every six months is crucial to maintaining a beautiful smile and optimal oral health. Dentists provide the tools, equipment and treatments necessary to clean hard-to-reach areas that your toothbrush and floss cannot. Twice-annual cleanings remove stubborn plaque buildup, reducing your oral disease and bacterial infection risks. Family Dentistry of Allen Park assesses your mouth during cleaning and checks for oral health concerns. If necessary, we develop preventative treatment plans to remedy the oral health issues we discover.

Our certified and highly trained hygienists perform your routine six-month cleanings in our comfortable, accommodating dental practice. Our staff will warmly welcome and help relax you beforehand, enabling you to go into your cleaning confidently.

The hygienist deploys specialized tools during your cleaning, carefully yet effectively eliminating plaque, tartar and debris buildup from your mouth's farthest reaches. You'll leave your cleaning appointment with refreshed breath, shining teeth and reduced chances of gum disease and tooth decay.

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