Crowns & Bridges

Restoring Your Smile and Confidence

Family Dentistry of Allen Park develops, places and completes custom crowns & bridges for Allen Park, MI patients. We fill your gaps and replace your missing teeth so you can feel proud of your smile again.
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Tooth Replacements Customized for You

Crowns repair broken and damaged teeth that don't need replacing. The crown covers the affected tooth to secure it in place. Dental bridges cover and fill gaps left by missing teeth and cover vast areas of the gum.

Crowns and bridges protect your teeth from damage and enhance the strength and stability of your smile. Your crown or bridge will match your old teeth's size and shape to look identical to your natural teeth.

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Restoring Teeth for Children and Families

Each patient has different wants, needs and visions for their smile. We provide customized solutions and treatments for adults and children, ensuring their oral health desires are met. We'll begin with a consultation to discuss what you want from your dental experience. Our dental specialists will formulate a comprehensive dental plan to achieve your ideal smile. Our dental professionals will put your smile as our top priority from beginning to end.
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