Emergency Dentistry

Providing Your Most Urgent Oral Health Needs

Family Dentistry of Allen Park fulfills your most pressing oral health treatments with emergency dentistry in Allen Park, MI. Dental help is on the way.
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Immediate Dentistry for Adults and Children

You never want to ignore or alleviate severe tooth pain yourself. Severe pain and discomfort almost always indicate a serious issue with your oral health such as tooth decay, impact trauma or disease, problems that won't go away on their own. Our dental practitioners and specialists are certified and licensed to perform urgent dental procedures. We provide these services with the utmost care and attention:
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Safe, sedated removal of teeth beyond repair.
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Root Canals

Removal of bacteria buildup from your tooth's interior.
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Relieve Tooth Pain Once and for All

A more comfortable and pain-free set of teeth await you. Please schedule an exam with us today if you or a family member suffers from chronic and severe tooth pain or discomfort. Our dentists will evaluate your teeth, find your pain's cause and customize a solution to alleviate it. We're committed to providing effective treatments and procedures that quickly get you back to normal.
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